Armani Lamin Finds the Perfect Community

Armani Lamin

2018 Dinner Speaker

Armani Lamin Finds the Perfect Community

Armani Lamin is a junior at Cathedral High school and was the 2018 student speaker at the ICSF Annual Dinner Gala.

Armani grew up in Mattapan with his parents and five other siblings. He attended St. Angela’s School from Pre-K through 8th grade. In his younger years of Catholic education, Armani stated that he learned that making mistakes and failing allowed him opportunities to grow. During his speech, he noted that his Catholic school teachers were the ones who helped him through these mistakes and pushed him to do his very best. Armani appreciates all the teachers he’s had and is thankful for their constant efforts towards helping him pave a pathway to success.

As junior high came to an end, Armani had to make the decision on where to attend high school. After numerous acceptances to excellent schools, he chose Cathedral High School based on its devotion to community. But, he wondered how his family of seven could afford the higher high school tuition.

What made his education a possibility was you — supporters of the ICSF. It was with the help of CSF’s dedicated community that made Armani’s Catholic education a reality. With five siblings and his dad out of work since his devastating cancer diagnosis a few years ago, Armani’s family has been through their share of hard times. However, his parents never stopped dreaming of a life and education for their kids that they both did not have.

Today, Armani remains a member of the Cathedral community. He makes his academics the highest priority in his life. Armani is a member of the National Honor Society, Junior Achievement and Shark Tank, which is a program that helps students create and share business ideas. Armani has also spent the last two summers at a live-in summer program at Harvard University. At Harvard, he studied Quantitative Reasoning, AP Biology, and Expository Writing. Spending the summers there has developed his dream of attending Harvard after high school.

“I want you to know your gifts are making a difference.  You are changing lives as well as stories. You are appreciated.”
– Armani Lamin

Thank you for helping to build minds and change lives.