CSF Student Story

CSF Student Story

Your support makes lives better

When Anna* was little, she lived in a house of chaos and domestic violence.
Her disabled mother was abused by her father and Anna’s life was filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Anna’s father was eventually deported, and her Peruvian mother did not speak English nor did she have a job. Anna and her mother found themselves on the verge of homelessness.

When Anna was six, she received a scholarship from the Catholic Schools Foundation to attend a high-quality Catholic school in her community. Despite her personal challenges, Anna could always count on her school to be a comforting and loving place, surrounded by friends and kind teachers.

Then, misfortune struck. During Anna’s second grade school year, she and her mother were evicted from their apartment and found themselves in a shelter in Dorchester. Her exposure to inadequate housing conditions threatened her physical, emotional and social development and it began to affect her school-work.

After entering third grade, Anna found it difficult to get to and from her Catholic school. She was no longer showing up to class. Through working with her mother, Sister Freya* discovered why Anna has been missing school so frequently. Sister Freya rallied the school community around the family and many chipped in to help. Parents and teachers made sure Anna was transported back and forth each day. Through her Catholic school, Anna was given the care, stability and extra support she needed to make it through her many obstacles.

After about a year in the shelter, her family was able to find public housing in Brighton. Anna now walks to school by herself or takes public transportation. Although Anna’s road has been paved with hardship, she excels as a third grader. Teachers report that Anna is at the top of her class and she is a well-adjusted, bright and resilient girl.

CSF supports students like Anna to ensure that everyone, even the most marginalized of our society, can receive a high-quality education regardless of race, religion or economic background.

Thanks to you— CSF’s community of supporters— Anna will be able to continue her Catholic education and follow her dreams, graduate college and find a future full of possibilities.

Thank you for Building Minds and Changing Lives.

*Names and photo changed to protect the privacy of the student and family.