From Haiti to Brockton: Nithaelle Finds a Home in Catholic School

From Haiti to Brockton

Nithaelle Finds a Home in Catholic Schools

From Haiti to Brockton: Nithaelle Finds a Home in Catholic School

A Message From our 2015 Dinner Speaker, CSF Scholar, and graduate of the Cardinal Spellman class of 2015: Nithaelle Simolly

I represent the thousands of students you directly support each year.  On behalf of all of us, I want to thank you for providing the opportunity to make our dreams possible.

My story begins in Haiti, where I was born in 1997. Both my parents moved to the United States when I was 2 years old in search of a better life for our family. I lived with my grandmother for the next 5 years and never once saw my parents. At age 7, I was put on a plane to Logan Airport all by myself, not speaking a word of English to finally be reunited with my parents and two younger siblings, whom I had never met until that day!

My parents value education and faith. When they decided to enroll me into Trinity Catholic Academy in Brockton in 2009, they had to sacrifice a great deal so that I would be able to get a top quality education that would challenge me academically and also reinforce my faith life.

Life can change in a split second. I’ll never forget—it was Tuesday, May 29th.   My Mother had suffered a massive stroke which caused the whole left side of her body to be completely paralyzed. She could no longer work, and my father had to take time out of work in order to take care of our family.

My family’s financial struggle became so extreme that we were forced to live in a housing project for almost a year. Because the room was so small, my father could not stay with us. During that time, my mother, all of my younger siblings and I had to share a single small room cramped with three beds, bags of what remained of our clothes, and a mini fridge for our food. Trying to do homework and studying in a room with a baby crying during the night, and no privacy during the day, made it difficult for me to focus on school. While it was hard to stay focused, I pushed myself and I was able to become a better student and a stronger person.

With the help of friends and family and the grace of God, we were able to get through the hardships of the room and its many inconveniences. I thank God for surrounding my family with so much love and support.

I am especially grateful to Trinity Catholic and Cardinal Spellman High School for giving me such an outstanding advantage in life. I want to thank YOU, the benefactors of the Inner City Scholarship Fund, for supporting kids like me. You’ve allowed me to grow into a better person through my education and in my faith.

Your generosity means more to me than you will ever know and it will never be forgotten because you are part of the reason why I will never give up on my dreams.

Sitting alone on that plane as a 7 year old girl flying from Haiti to Boston, I assure you I never believed any of this would have been possible.  But because of my parents’ undying commitment, my outstanding Catholic education and your generous support, my future is bright.  I stand before you tonight, confident, humbled and eternally grateful.

Thank you for giving hope to that frightened, little seven year old girl.