Stellar Student Spotlight: A message from Michelle Cassidy, proud parent of CSF Scholar, Malik

A Grateful Message from A Proud Mom

Stellar Student Spotlight: A message from Michelle Cassidy, proud parent of CSF Scholar, Malik

Stellar Student Spotlight: Malik Freeman, CSF Scholar

Hello, my name is Michelle Cassidy and I am a single mother of seven beautiful children, two of whom receive scholarships from the Catholic Schools Foundation. One of my children, Malik Freeman, is a 7th grader at Sacred Heart in Roslindale, and this past year he was nominated to attend Boston College High School. After a lengthy application process that included submitting test scores, writing essays, and answering questionnaires, he was accepted and received a very generous scholarship. This was a particularly impressive feat for Malik because he struggles academically, and though he works incredibly hard, good grades do not come easily to him. Thanks to the dedication of his teachers at Sacred Heart he has been able to overcome his learning challenges and prove that he is a worthy recipient for this prestigious scholarship.

As a family we’ve faced numerous hardships, many of them related to complications with my health. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, requiring that I go through one round of chemotherapy and two rounds of radiation. I am pleased to report that as of today, I am in remission. Unfortunately, the hardships did not end there. I was diagnosed with a rare eye disease called Retinitis Pigmintosa shortly after my cancer treatment ended. This disease will eventually make me blind as there is no cure. I have suffered extreme eye sight loss over the past year, which has made my job as a mother that much more difficult. I am unable to work full-time because of the stress it puts on my eyes, which has also affected our family financially. It has been incredibly hard on my children, but they have remained positive. Malik’s scholarships, both through the Catholic Schools Foundation and through Boston College High School, have lifted a heavy burden from my life.

I always tell my children, “I will provide all the tools you need to succeed but it is up to you to do the work.” I am forever grateful to the Catholic Schools Foundation for the financial assistance I have received that has helped me provide Malik with the tools he needs for a successful future. These scholarships have given him the chance to attend prestigious schools and receive the high quality Catholic education that I know he needs to reach his full potential. I can say with certainty that my son will continue to do his very best and will succeed in life. We are both eternally grateful for all the support he has received, both in time and money, from the generous donors of the Catholic Schools Foundation and his dedicated teachers. You have changed my life and my son’s life for the better. Thank you.