CSF Emergency Funding
CSF Emergency Funding

Image does not portray students mentioned in article. 

Donor Support Helps Students in Need through CSF Emergency Funding


Joey* and his family moved to the United States in search of a better life. But tragedy first hit when his mother passed away. Joey was only five years old.

Over the past four years, Joey’s school has been a source of support, comfort and protection in a time when everything else in his life felt uncertain. Since they arrived, he and his younger brother immediately felt welcomed into their school’s community with caring teachers and kind friends.

Unfortunately, tragedy recently struck a second time when their father lost his job, and subsequently they lost their home. The family’s sense of certainty has once more been shaken as they moved to a state-sponsored hotel.

Their school has remained the one consistent and supportive home to Joey and his brother, since they’ve come to the United States. Their school and CSF have committed to find a way to keep the boys in the comfort of their community, knowing that the family is unable to afford tuition.

With CSF’s Emergency Funding, Joey and his brother will be provided with the financial support they need to remain in a high-quality Catholic school and a supportive environment. These funds are the result of the generosity of our many supporters.

Thank you for giving students like Joey the opportunity for a brighter future.

*names changed to protect the confidentiality of our supported students and families.