CSF Young Leader Dinner Committee Co-Chair: Amy Iseppi

Young Leader Dinner Committee Co-Chair: Amy Iseppi

It isn’t difficult to detect Amy Iseppi’s commitment to the Inner-City Scholarship Fund (ICSF). When asked her favorite Catholic Schools Foundation event, she doesn’t know where to begin. “It’s impossible for me to pick just one! I’ve been to the Dinner and School’s Out Summer Celebration every year since 2014,” she says. She is also the President of the Young Leaders Council, which started Christmas for the Kids in 2015, and she’s assisted in State Street’s hosting of Corporate Trivia Night each year since 2015. Her support isn’t measured by just her participation, but also in the way she demonstrates her leadership by sharing ICSF’s mission.

To Amy, a Catholic education means, “strong academics, leadership opportunities, and a supportive environment.”  Her interest in providing more students with the chance to have this kind of values-based educational experience is clear through her fervent support of the ICSF. “I’ve always had a passion for education reform and policy. It’s exciting to be a part of an organization where 100% of scholarship recipients graduate from high school,” Amy says.

In addition to Amy’s devotion to education, her dedication to the ICSF is also inspired by stories from students she met when she attended the ICSF Corporate Volunteer Day. “I was most impressed by the effort demonstrated by these students to achieving their education goals,” she recalls. “One student shared the long commute she takes to and from school, her after-school job, the time she takes to help with her younger siblings, and her dedication to stay up each night completing her homework assignments.”

Amy demonstrates her leadership and commitment to supporting more dedicated students by co-chairing this year’s Young Leader Dinner Committee, a group of dedicated young professionals who raise more than $100K for CSF’s Annual Dinner Gala in April.

Join Amy and the rest of the Young Leader Dinner Committee as they work tirelessly to hit their fundraising goal before Thursday, April 12th. Donate or buy a ticket here!