CSF Young Leader Dinner Committee Member: Katharine Mathews

CSF Young Leader Dinner Committee Member:
Katharine Mathews

If anyone knows about giving back, it’s Katharine Mathews. “I worked with an organization called Partners in Health living in Haiti and I remain very connected to the work there,” says Katharine of her early career in Haiti. Still in the health field, she dedicates her free time to supporting educational opportunities for underprivileged children. “[I] am a strong supporter of another organization in Haiti that is doing an incredible job supporting families in poverty with job training and creation as well as education.”

Interested in opportunities to encourage and advance educational pathways in communities, Katharine found the Inner-City Scholarship Fund (ICSF) as many people do, through her passionate friends. She was invited by her friends to attend events such as the ICSF Annual Dinner Gala and Corporate Trivia Night in the last year, and became intrigued by the dynamic and wide support of funding high-quality education for kids in need.

Though not a Catholic school graduate herself, Katharine knows the importance of a high-quality education from her time in Haiti. “I was so fortunate to grow up in a community with an incredible public school system which has afforded me so many opportunities,” she says.  “I have always felt committed to helping children locally and around the world gain access to similar advantages through a high-quality education.”

This is Katharine’s first year on the Young Leader Dinner Committee, a group of dedicated young professionals who raise more than $100K for CSF’s Annual Dinner Gala in April. Her hard work and her genuine care have already been made apparent. “It is so important to give back and make sure that every child has the chance to reach his or her potential at a great school,” says Katharine, when asked about why she supports the Catholic Schools Foundation. “Investing in CSF is investing in the future of children with a guaranteed return.”

Join Katharine and the rest of the Young Leader Dinner Committee as they work tirelessly to reach their fundraising goal before Thursday, April 12th. Donate or buy a ticket here!