CSF Young Leader Dinner Committee Member: Morgan McDonald

CSF Young Leader Dinner Committee Member:
Morgan McDonald

As a student at a Jesuit college, Morgan learned the value of serving others. Since graduating, she has made it a priority in her life, as evidenced by her dedication to supporting the students of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund (ICSF).

“One of Boston College’s mantras is ‘Men and Women for Others’. Throughout my time at BC, I felt compelled to volunteer my time to serve the community around me, leveraging the blessings I had been given, and multiplying them beyond solely myself,” Morgan says of her college experience.  “I gained an appreciation for differing experiences and perspectives coming together to better the world.”

Beyond the wide scope of values her college experience instilled in her, she recognizes that a Catholic education provides the pathway to a bright future. “I can confidently say that without such opportunities, I would not be the person I am today. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves, and I believe that stems from education,” says Morgan.

This is Morgan’s second year on the Young Leader Dinner Committee, a group of dedicated young professionals who raise more than $100K for CSF’s Annual Dinner Gala in April. After meeting the students of the ICSF and hearing their stories, Morgan knew she wanted to become more involved.

“At the Dinner Gala last year, I was able to hear first-hand how the Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF) mission has positively changed lives,” she recalls. “Hearing from the children and families benefitting from the CSF  resonated with me, confirming the importance of what the CSF does and why I feel so fortunate to be a part of it,” says Morgan. “Hearing the students speak about their experiences was incredible and truly exemplified the ‘why’ behind our purpose.”

Morgan is an example of how young leadership can make a tremendous impact and how a Catholic education provides values to be carried throughout a lifetime. Her dedication to providing opportunities for low-income children to attend high quality Catholic schools is proof that the effects of a great education last beyond graduation.

Join Morgan and the rest of the Young Leader Dinner Committee as they work tirelessly to hit their $100K fundraising goal before Thursday, April 12th. Buy your Dinner ticket here!