Partnership for Homeless Children

CSF’s Partnership for Homeless Children

Some of CSF’s most in-need families are homeless or facing chronic housing instability. Homeless children have twice the rate of learning disabilities and three times the rate of emotional behavioral disorders than children who are housed. For parents, homelessness is a traumatic experience that leaves them feeling very dis-empowered.

To meet the needs of these families, CSF collaborated with Horizons for Homeless Children in 2015 to give homeless families a point of stability through a tumultuous time in their lives. Through this partnership, CSF helps homeless children by providing access to a quality, values-based education at Catholic schools through scholarship and other supplemental support.

Beneficiaries are children who graduate from Horizon’s early education centers and who’s families show an interest in private education outside of the Boston Public School system. Families are recommended to CSF by the Next Schools Coordinator from Horizons for Homeless Children.

This program offers a safe and consistent educational environment to children facing hardship and transiency. Even when families move from temporary housing or from shelter-to-shelter, our Horizon scholars remain at their Catholic school.

These schools are sometimes the one-point of stability in their lives. When learning at maximum capacity, students are able to excel not only in school but also in their everyday lives. Successful and well-adjusted students will have a better chance at breaking the cycle of poverty and are more apt to give back to their community. Although the families do pay something toward their child’s education, Horizons scholars receive nearly full tuition and these awards are guaranteed for students every year from Pre-K through eighth grade as they continue to study at their Catholic school. This provides families security and the ability to build strong relationships with their school community.