Terrell from SJP2CA Lower Mills

Terrell, student at SJPA2CA Lower Mills

How old are you and what grade are you in?

I am 9 years old and I am in fourth grade.

Whats your favorite class in school?

My favorite class in school is Science! I love to learn about how the world works and how the body works. I also like that you can create stuff in the lab and also have fun.

What is one thing you hope to learn about this year?

One thing that I hope to learn about this year in grade 4 is how negative numbers work in math. I want to be a part of this learning fun at home with my big brother! Plus, I wonder “how can a number be less than zero?” when figuring out math problems.

Whats your favorite thing about SJP2CA?

My favorite is it has a lot of fun activities like Monster Mash and Catholic Schools Week. It is so much fun, you get to do stuff you don’t get to do on regular school days! Another thing I really like about Lower Mills is that the teachers are really nice and they always want you to do the best you can in all our classes. The teachers are very strong educators, they will want to see how much they can stretch your brain and they want you to conquer a lot of success in your life. I also love my friends, we care for each other at SJP2CA Lower Mills. Students here will always help you and they will always make you feel proud of yourself.