Catholic Urban Partnership

Catholic Urban Partnership

Students at St. Patrick School

The Catholic Schools Foundation to Commit $2.5M to Create a Seamless Pathway from Pre-K to College in Roxbury Community to Increase Access to High Quality Education

On Wednesday, January 31, Saint Patrick School announced its formal entry into the Catholic Urban Partnership (CUP) with Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission Grammar School (Mission) and Cathedral High School.  CUP was originally formed in 2014 with the formal collaboration between Mission and Cathedral to provide high quality and affordable education for students of all faiths in the Roxbury community from pre-K through high school.  The addition of Saint Patrick School in the collaborative will create a network of opportunity for more students, putting them on the path for college and beyond.  With this announcement Saint Patrick School will join Mission in focusing their educational programming for students in pre-K to 6th grade with students then matriculating to Cathedral for 7th through 12th grade.

In support of this effort, The Catholic Schools Foundation (CSF) will announce a $2.5M investment over the next three years to provide scholarship and enrollment support with a goal of increasing enrollment by over 250 seats over five years.

“We have great confidence in the partnership schools and their leaders and we are proud to support their vision in providing more opportunities for students and families,” said Mike Reardon, Executive Director of CSF. This initiative has also been supported by the Boston Schools Fund (BSF), an independent foundation focused on providing high-quality seats in district, charter or private schools. 

This multi-million dollar collaboration between these schools and with the support of the Catholic Schools Office, CSF, BSF and other partners will strengthen high-quality educational opportunities in the Roxbury community and serve as a model of collaboration among Catholic Schools. CSF is proud to support the partnership and to be a part of this integral change in Catholic education in Roxbury!

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