COVID-19 Updates

Emergency Fund

  • $193,525 was awarded to 183 students in round 5.
  • Updated Emergency Fund Process for Rounds 6 to 8.
  • Our current funding policy remains for students in grades K2 to 12.
  • The regular Emergency Fund budget was fully allocated. All additional funds for rounds 5-8 are donor-designated for the COVID-19 crisis.

Adjusted Dates and Deadlines

  • HS – June 15: Deadline: 2020 scholarship recipient matriculation report. Contact Zach Creeden with questions
  • HS – June 30: Deadline: CSF Scholar 2024 assigned in FACTS
  • ES – June 15: Deadline: 6th or 8th grade matriculation report
  • ES – June 30: Deadline: Returning Elementary General, Retention, Recruitment and HRI scholarship recipients with verified or DNF applications in FACTS to qualify for 5% increase.
    • NEW! CSF will assign awards in FACTS every Wednesday until June 30 for FY21 General and returning HRI scholarships recipients with verified or DNF applications. The amount will include the 5% increase.
  • CSF will regularly review deadlines and send email updates with changes to our policies, calendar, and deadlines.
  • All updates will be posted at org/communications-updates/.
  • Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


  • Click here for our 2019-2020 School Calendar. Please note this is a live, working calendar and we make updates throughout the year.

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