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  • Our Emergency Fund has been fully allocated for this year.  While we do not anticipate additional available funding, CSF will still receive and review emergency fund applications under our regular timeline and process for the final round of the emergency fund.   CSF will notify your school at the end of the round if additional funds have been allocated to your application.  The deadline for the final round is April 29th.Please keep the following in mind when applying in the next emergency fund round:
    • Emergency fund application criteria
    • The application clearly describes an urgent, unforeseen circumstance
    • The application details the financial impact of the situation, including decrease of income
  • CSF Scholar Visits: CSF Staff will be contacting the high schools to arrange a visit with the CSF Scholars ’19.  


  • Click here for our 2018-2019 School Calendar. Please note this is a live, working calendar and we make updates throughout the year.

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