CSF Alumni Inner Circle Members

Claudia Cellucci

Alumni Inner Circle: Claudia Cellucci

After being a CFS Scholar and graduating from Archbishop Williams High School (AWHS) in 2015, Claudia went on to study at Siena College in NY. Growing up along with two older brothers, it was not only important in her family to gain a Catholic education; but also, as first generation college students, to all obtain degrees.

Jason Martinez

Alumni Inner Circle: Jason Martinez

After graduation in 2012, Jason went on to Bentley University where he made the Dean’s List every semester. He became one of the first people in his family to attend college.

Jackie Garvey

Alumni Inner Circle: Jackie Garvey

Attending a Catholic High School, particularly Arlington Catholic was very important to her and her family, since both of her siblings attended the school as well. That dream was made possible through her scholarship from the Catholic Schools Foundation.

Fortune Kalala

Alumni Inner Circle: Fortune Kalala

The war forced he and his family out of the country to seek refuge in neighboring countries. While fleeing the war they had to endure a great ordeal just to have food, shelter and access to health care. He and his siblings weren’t able to attend school as they lived in refugee camps where basic needs took priority over education.

Juan Gallego

Alumni Inner Circle: Juan Gallego

The opportunity to receive an education from a Catholic high school was extremely important for him and his family. Fortunately, the resources and support the Catholic Schools Foundation provided him at such a pivotal time in his life allowed him to receive an exceptional education, while also strengthening the values, beliefs, and aspirations he holds today.

Tyler Gary Louis

Alumni Inner Circle: Tyler Gary Louis

Tyler Gary Louis is a former CSF Scholar and current student at Bentley University. His family immigrated from Haiti, and his CSF scholarship to attend Saint Joseph Preparatory High School set him on a path to succeed. Tyler joined the Alumni Inner Circle in 2020 because he wanted a way to stay involved with CSF.