CSF Leadership Program

CSF Leadership Program

CSF Leadership Program

The Catholic Schools Foundation is announcing its new Leadership Initiative. Recognizing the power of leadership to transform a school and the lives of its students, CSF is investing in a multi-year school leadership program in collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office. In an effort to develop the next generation of dynamic, effective, mission-driven school leaders, CSF has designed this program to implement components to reach several areas of school leadership. CSF intends to:

  • Retain and increase effectiveness of first and second-year Catholic school leaders
  • Create a pool of highly-qualified Catholic school leaders and place them in principal positions at in-need Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Boston (RCAB) following a year-long apprenticeship and dynamic professional development
  • Develop a deep and talented pool of future apprentices and leaders
  • Build a network of qualified, committed, and trained individuals to actively serve as board members at in-need Catholic schools in RCAB

The key components of the leadership program are:

  • Apprentice Principals
  • RCAB Leadership Academy
  • The Emmaus Series for Catholic School Leaders at the Roche Center for Catholic Education
  • Teacher Evaluation Training
  • Professional Development for Current Leaders
  • MATCH Instructional Coaching
  • Special projects with the CSO for aspiring leaders
  • Governance training and materials for new Catholic School board members


Catholic School Board and Governance Training

As part of CSF’s Leadership Program, Catholic School Board and Governance Training will help solidify the future of our schools by identifying members of CSF’s Young Leaders program and other supporters to participate in this training and serve on boards of in-need Catholic schools.  This program, conducted in collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office, will assure schools continue their mission through engaging the broader community, and recognizes that the needs of schools can best be determined by school leaders working with intentionally formed boards that bring a variety of professions, skills, and experiences to the table.  With training and support of their efforts, the contributions of empowered boards will significantly impact the mission and success of our Catholic schools.

If you are interested in Catholic School Board and Governance training, please contact Development Associate Anna Currell at (617) 398-5459 or by email at acurrell@csfboston.org.

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