Career Advisory Network

Career Advisory Network

The Career Advisory Network (CAN) is a program that connects CSF Scholar alumni with industry leaders, influencers and other business professionals in the Boston area. CAN Mentors will serve as advisors and assist with career development.

Assistance includes:

  • Career information, insight and advice
  • Resume review
  • Networking opportunities and personal referrals
  • Job-seeking strategies

This program is a great opportunity to educate and support CSF Scholar alumni about to embark on their careers.

Alumni Mentors

Mentors agree to…

  • Provide one-time career conversations to long-term mentoring relationships.
  • Volunteer to serve as a point of contact for other alumni and students for advice, networking, mentoring and/or for experiential learning opportunities like informational interviews or job-shadowing
  • Serve as a “warm-call” instead of the dreaded cold-call!

Alumni seeking Mentoring

If you are seeking a mentor and would like to get involved in CSF’s CAN program, click here to see our list of professionals who are willing to provide mentoring and career assistance to CSF alumni. Once you have decided to contact one of CSF’s CAN Mentors, click here to fill out the form and a CSF staff member will be in contact to place you with a mentor.

When contacting a mentor, please be respectful and identify yourself as an alumnus/a. Also, be prepared in your knowledge of the advisor’s career field and business. Do your research! Remember that this is not a job application or an interview, it is simply mentoring in a field that you are passionate about and is meant to gain insight and advice on your potential career.