A Special Request

A Special Request

 A letter from President Emeritus, Peter Lynch and Dinner Chair, Mike Minogue

One of the hallmarks of our great nation is the manner in which we rally together in times of crisis. As we watch the Covid-19 pandemic strain on our healthcare system, our economy and our education system, we also see people coming together in a spirit of generosity and community. During this trying time, we see the best in our country and people. We also are seeing an increased need for support from the Inner-City Scholarship Fund and need your support more than ever.

The families served by the Catholic Schools Foundation’s (CSF) Inner-City Scholarship Fund are living pay-check to pay-check, and their incomes are at or below federal poverty guidelines. Now during this crisis, their incomes derived mostly from hourly service sector jobs are facing significant pressure. Compounding this pressure is the fact that 65% of students are from single parent homes and now children are unexpectedly home, making work, even when it is available, potentially impossible. Each year the ICSF allocates 5% of its budget to an emergency fund to respond to urgent needs during the year, these dollars are almost depleted.

We have moved the 30th ICSF Gala to a virtual event. The annual Gala is the single largest source of support for 4,000 students who depend on us to raise over $8,000,000 in scholarships every year. For the sake of these at need children we need to maintain and increase support this year. Your support, and the support of the guests you share it with, fuel the future and allow us to adapt during challenging time. We cannot let Covid-19 destroy our financial stability and hopes of these students.

What we are requesting at this time:

Please ensure your donation is processed without the in-person gala. Because of the new challenges to these families and their schools, we also respectfully request an additional 2020 Emergency
Fund donation to face current challenges. Peter and I have matched our planned donations for this emergency fund.

Together, with your support, we will overcome this crisis. We are grateful for your generous response in this time of need. May God continue to bless the Catholic Schools Foundation and our students.

Thank you for your loyalty and kindness,

Mike Minogue          Peter S. Lynch,
Dinner Chair            Chair, Inner City Scholarship Fund

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