Are you the same as the Campaign for Catholic Schools?

We are separate organizations. Supporting Catholic education in Boston has become a two-pronged mission, with the Campaign for Catholic Schools and the Inner-City Scholarship Fund each taking a lead. We partner with and support the work of the Campaign for Catholic Schools, but we have a different focus. The Campaign has had great success in upgrading buildings, teacher training, materials and curriculum but it does not raise money for partial scholarships. The Inner-City Scholarship Fund is the vehicle which provides significant scholarship support to the schools they have upgraded so students can take advantage of the changes the Campaign has made possible. The financial assistance of the Inner City Scholarship Fund helps our schools with enrollment.

I already gave to Catholic Charities, why are you asking again?

We are not Catholic Charities. We think Catholic Charities is a vital organization and worthy of support, but is not at all involved in elementary or secondary education.

I don’t want to just help Catholic kids. Will my donation help other students?

Yes, more than 24% of our scholarship recipients are not Catholic and we provide scholarships based on need and regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Our schools are open to all students, and are reflective of the communities they serve. Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut are the most Catholic states in the nation and so public school enrollment and our enrollment is reflective of this fact. In the last decade over 300,000 people have immigrated to the Boston area from the Caribbean and South America where they have a Catholic heritage. The vast majority of these families do not speak English at home, very few have attended college and attaining quality education is critical for these children regardless of their religious affiliation.

Can my gift be anonymous?

We have hundreds and hundreds of donors each year and occasionally a couple of them wish to remain anonymous and we’ve been able to fulfill their wishes for the last twenty years. We respect that decision and can assure anonymity is maintained. We will never sell or share your information with other organizations.

Can I request a matching gift from my company?

Matching gifts are wonderful vehicles to provide additional support and the rules vary from company to company as to what gifts will be matched. Check with your company and if they cannot match to the Inner City Scholarship Fund, we can help you find a way to make your gift directly to a school to take advantage of the match.

Can I direct my gift to a certain location or student profile?

 We can and will ensure that any restrictions you place on your gift will be met. For some people the school the student attends is important, for others they want to help immigrants or just young women. Whatever the case, we can work with you to make the gift most meaningful to you.

Can I visit a school before I make my gift?

It would be wonderful if you would visit our schools. We encourage you to and would love to help arrange a visit for you. Our office regularly brings people on tours to see first-hand the need and the impact of a donation. In addition, each spring we hold an annual group trip, hiring several Boston Coach buses to bring many donors and their guests to see a school for a brief 2-hour visit (including travel time). This trip gives you the chance to observe teachers and students in classes, meet them and feel the spirit of this program and the wonderful nurturing environment our schools possess.