Good News Blitz: Week 4!

Guaranteeing Opportunities for in-need Students is a Worthy Investment in Catholic Schools

Fifteen high-need students had the opportunity to attend Catholic high school this year thanks to the Catholic Schools Foundation’s (CSF) Guaranteeing Opportunities (GO) Scholarship Program.  One student at each CSF Sponsored Elementary School was selected by his or her school leader to receive this award equaling $7,000 per year, per student, for tuition assistance at a Catholic high school of their choice in the Archdiocese of Boston. In the upcoming school year, there will be an additional 15 students nominated for the program.

A CSF GO Scholar is a student who will have his or her life impacted significantly by a Catholic education, is motivated to succeed academically and to serve his or her community, and is unable to attend a Catholic school without financial assistance.

“Catholic school has allowed me to express myself in ways that I could never have imagined at a public school,” said Paige Slabczynski, a GO Scholar at Lowell Catholic High School. “At Lowell Catholic, I feel I am able to form my own opinions based on the foundation of religion that they have given me … I will use this opportunity and not waste it. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received.”

In addition to scholarships, CSF established the GO Scholar Mentorship Program to engage students directly with the donors who support them. Supporters of CSF who want to be mentors are matched with a GO Scholar and agree to underwrite their scholarship for one or all four years of the student’s Catholic high school education. The GO Program is unique in that it allows students and supporters to establish a professional relationship where supporters can offer career insights, industry tours and resume reviews. In turn, students share their successes throughout the year with their mentors. These interactions foster success in hard-working students and help them reach their personal and academic goals.

“There is no greater gift that we can give our students and their families than the certainty that their education will be fully funded for their entire Catholic school career,” said Rick Henken, longtime CSF supporter and GO Program Mentor. “The GO Program provides a great way to do just that, along with the ability to watch the student you’ve directly invested in grow, thrive, and succeed.”

In the program’s first year, three of the fifteen GO Scholars were matched with mentors. CSF aims to increase the number of students matched and to continue facilitating effective mentorship relationships between students and donors through high school graduation and beyond.

“The challenges that low-income families face are especially heightened during times of crisis,” said Mike Reardon, Executive Director of the Catholic Schools Foundation. “Guaranteeing awards for all four years of high school reduces the immense pressure on parents who may be experiencing job loss, decreased income, or medical expenses. The GO Program frees students from uncertainty about continuing their education and allows them to focus on reaching their full academic potential.”

Becoming a GO mentor means more than just supporting a student financially. These promising students benefit immensely by knowing a mentor takes personal interest in seeing them develop the talent and knowledge needed to succeed, go onto college, and have a successful career. Building a network at such a young age is a gift beyond the classroom.

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