CSF Alumni Inner Circle

CSF Alumni Inner Circle

Join the Catholic Schools Foundation’s Alumni Inner Circle!

The Catholic Schools Foundation’s (CSF) Alumni Inner Circle is a group that is solely for alumni of the Catholic Schools Foundation scholarship program. This group offers alumni an exclusive opportunity to stay in contact with other CSF alumni as they grow in their lives and careers, as well as an opportunity to network with donors, board members, and industry leaders.

How do I join the Alumni Inner Circle?

Becoming a member of the Alumni Inner Circle is simple.

To join the Inner Circle, you must meet the following criteria…

  • You must be an alumni of the Catholic Schools Foundation (any student who received scholarship support from CSF is eligible)
  • If you haven’t already, you must join both our alumni Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These pages are a great place to catch up on all things CSF from events, to giveaways, news and more.
  • You must “Pay it Forward” by making a gift to the Catholic Schools Foundation to help another student. Trust us, we know this can seem daunting, but don’t worry- we’re flexible and any amount will make a difference! You get to decide if this is a one time donation or if you’d like to give on a yearly basis or a monthly basis as a CSF Scholarship Angel (click here to learn more about our Scholarship Angels program.)

*One fun way to give back is to donate in honor of your graduation year! For example, if you graduated in 2019, you can decide to give a donation of $2.19, $20.19 or $200.19 depending on what you are able to afford.*

Give now to join!

(In the optional comment box in our donation form, mention the Alumni Inner Circle to be added!)

Why should I join the Alumni Inner Circle?

Once you are in the Alumni Inner Circle, you will enjoy these incredible benefits…

  • Discounted tickets to our annual events (ICSF Dinner Gala, Christmas for the Kids Cocktail Party, Schools Out Summer Celebration and more!)
  • Opportunities for speaking engagement at events attended by high-level Boston professionals. This is an opportunity to represent CSF from an Alumni perspective and make yourself visible as a job candidate to Boston executives.
  • A chance to attend Celtics and/or Bruins games throughout the year as they arise

If you want in on the Inner Circle, please contact Zach Creeden for more information!

Click here to view notable members of the Alumni Inner Circle.