CSF Star Student: Julie

CSF Star Student: Julie

Julie is a senior CSF Scholar from Cardinal Spellman High School. A former student of Trinity Catholic Academy, Julie will be graduating from Cardinal Spellman this spring as the class of 2019’s Valedictorian. In the fall, Julie will be attending Boston College to study Biochemistry. CSF is so proud to support incredible students like Julie, who inspire us every day!

Q: What has been the hardest obstacle that you have had to overcome? How has it helped make you who you are today?

A: The most difficult obstacle I’ve had to overcome is opening myself up and being more vocal. I’ve always been a shy person who only felt truly comfortable with people I’ve known for years. However I got more involved with my school especially the end of sophomore year. I joined the executive board and started participating more in student council. Over the summer, I had so much fun getting to know strangers who became friends when I volunteered at My Brother’s Keeper. I’ve learned a lot about myself through my interactions with others and that has definitely shaped the person I am today.

Q: What has being a CSF Scholar meant to you and to your family? How has it impacted your education as an elementary/high school student and how do you think it will impact you going forward?

A: Being a CSF scholar motivated me to be the best version of myself not just in the classroom but also outside of it also. My family and I are extremely grateful for the financial assistance that we have received throughout my years of high school, and that has served as a reminder for me to work hard no matter how difficult the circumstance. Keeping that constant reminder in my mind, I’ve put my best effort in all my homework assignments, lab reports, and test. I’ve always viewed the Catholic Schools Foundation as an extension of my family, specifically a parent. Like a child who wants to make their parents proud, I’ve worked hard in school with the hopes of giving back to the organization that has helped fund for my education.

Q: What is the one thing you have accomplished that you are most proud of?

A: One thing I have accomplished is being an active member of the senior ministry Prayer Posse. Prayer Posse is led by my teacher Mrs. Demers but it is run by the senior members. We plan adoration, run retreats, make freshman midterm survival guides, and write the prayers that are said every morning at the beginning of the school day. As role models for the underclassman, I’ve developed leadership skills. As a part of a team, I’ve grown into a patient, understanding, and cooperative team player. 

Q: What went into your decision to attend Boston College?

A: Before deciding on Boston College, I did multiple campus visits, I’ve stayed overnight for a weekend, I’ve talked to current Eagle students, and of course I did an intense amount of research online. My main reason for choosing BC was because of its perfect location (right near the city but still had its own private campus) and because I admired its Jesuit teachings. I was particularly drawn to their motto of “men and women for others.”

Q: What are you looking forward to most as you transition into college?

A: As I transition into college, I’m looking forward to being a part of the community at Boston College. When I first visited the campus, could immediately pick up on the spirit of the place. I saw students sitting on the lawn laughing with each other and I heard students passionately talk about their classes and sports team. I’m excited to find my place in such a vibrant and active community and to grow as a person.