Stellar Student: Kayleigh, EBCCS

Stellar Student: Kayleigh, EBCCS

What grade are you in?
Seventh Grade

What’s your favorite thing about attending EBCCS?
My favorite thing about EBCCS is the friends that I have. They brighten up your day
every time.

What’s one thing you hope to learn this year?
One thing I hope to learn this year is more history about how America started.

A word from Bobby Casaletto, Principal at EBCCS on why he chose Kayleigh as this month’s Stellar Student:

Kayleigh is a legacy student here at EBCCS. Her mom, aunt, and uncle all attended EBCCS. She is also one of 4 siblings currently attending EBCCS. Kayleigh has been with us since K1 and has consistently received all grades above an 80%. Kayleigh has been a part of our school choir for the past three years, and routinely volunteers
for all school events.

When I asked the middle school teachers, “What name comes to mind if I ask you to
identify a “Stellar Student”, someone who goes above and beyond in all areas of his/her school life?” Kayleigh’s name was mentioned by every teacher. At an early age Kayleigh began to become concerned with the wellbeing of others. At 5 years old she set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for a young child with cancer. Her efforts turned into a donation over $3700 to the family.

Since that time she has made an effort to help others. She participates in the Breast Cancer walk, sells ornaments for “Love Your Melon” and recently held a Dance-a-Thon to raise over $1600 for the Jimmy Fund. During the Dance-a-Thon she also held a raffle which raised over $700 for a young boy at EBCCS struggling with Leukemia.

Kayleigh also spends her Saturdays as a dance teacher for younger children. She is a role model to other children her age and EBCCS is proud to name her as our “Stellar Student.”