Other types of Legacy Gifts

Other types of Legacy Gifts


A legacy gift in the form of a bequest is a gift you make from your will or trust and one of the most common and simple ways to leave a lasting legacy.
They can be gifts of cash, stock, real estate or other assets. Bequests allow
you to support the Catholic School’s Foundation (CSF) without effecting your
current lifestyle.

How to make a bequest:
To start, decide how you would like to divide your assets. Consider
your heirs first; charity second. Once you’ve decided to name CSF as a
beneficiary of your will or trust, you’ll need to:

  • Provide a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate
  • Leave a particular asset like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, artwork or other property to CSF
  • Name Catholic Schools Foundation, Inc as a residual beneficiary, so that CSF receives the remainder of your estate after all other bequests have been satisfied and final taxes paid

IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts

The IRA charitable rollover is a great way to make a tax-free gift to the Catholic Schools Foundation using your qualified retirement plan. The IRA Charitable Transfer allows individuals age 70½ and older to make direct transfers totaling up to $100,000 per year to 501(c)(3) charities, without having to count the transfers as income for federal income tax purposes. No charitable deduction may be taken, but distributions will qualify for all or part of the IRA owners required minimum distributions.

 Life Insurance Policy

You can use life insurance to make a gift by naming the Catholic Schools 
Foundation, Inc. as the beneficiary of your policy. When you pass away, CSF 
receives the proceeds, and your estate receives a charitable tax deduction. Or, you can name CSF as the owner and beneficiary of a policy.

To learn more or to make a bequest, contact Gina at gina@csfboston.org or (617) 398-5459.