School Participating in 2019 Dinner

School Participating in 2019 Dinner
We are looking for student presentations and student greeters for our 2019 ICSF Dinner Gala on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 6:30pm. We need students of all ages to attend the dinner and represent the work of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund.
  • Note: All schools participating in ICSF Dinner Gala must be CSF supported i.e. they must receive funding from CSF to be eligible for participation.
  • This person will be the point of contact for your school's dinner participation if your school is chosen.
  • Only fill out this section if you're applying to present during the cocktail hour.

  • PROJECT PRESENTATION during cocktail hour: The project should involve at least 4 students and can be from any area of the class curriculum or club. You will have a table and the area near it for your use where you can display or present your project. Examples of past projects are: a hydroponic garden, Scribble Press, engineering club that partnered with the Museum of Science, an oratory contest, a robotics display, an art display, an ipad survey, and more!
  • Only fill out this section if you're applying to bring student greeters.