Stellar Student: Shadi Lopez

Stellar Student: Shadi Lopez

Shadi Lopez is a senior CSF Scholar at Saint Joseph Prep in Brighton. On February 8th, Shadi will address the crowd at the CSF Celebration of Excellence to share her story, her successes and to thank the donors who helped her along the way. Keep reading to learn more about Shadi:

What is your favorite thing about attending Saint Joseph Prep?

My favorite thing about attending SJP would have to be knowing that I have a second family here that I can always count on. Knowing that I have teachers and classmates who always have my back in whatever I may need is an amazing feeling to have.

What does receiving a Catholic education mean to you and to your family? How has your scholarship from CSF impacted you and your family?

Receiving a Catholic education means the world to my family and me. Growing up, I’ve always taken my religion very seriously, and to have the opportunity to implant it in my education is truly a blessing. My family feels beyond fortunate that I am surrounded by people who not only want me to succeed academically, but also spiritually as a human being in society. My scholarship from CSF has given my family and me the opportunity to know what it is like to be the only one in the family fortunate enough to receive a rigorous education as well as a perspective on my spirituality. Without my scholarship from CSF I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I am very grateful for it because of that.

What are your plans post-high school?

Post-high school I plan on attending college, even though I haven’t decided on which one yet. I also plan on majoring in secondary education mathematics with a minor in Spanish, so that I can inspire my future students and shape them as to who they will become as future adults, in the exact same way that my teachers at SJP did for me.

(Note from the Principal of SJP:  Shadi is humble about her post-college plans.  She has already gained acceptance to Providence College, Saint Joseph’s Philadelphia and Penn State University as well as a few others)

CSF is so proud to support students like Shadi in their educational journey. We are amazed at their hard work and dedication to providing a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities!