Young Leader Dinner Committee

Young Leader Dinner Committee

About the Young Leader Dinner Committee

The Young Leader Dinner Committee is comprised of ~30 young professionals in Boston who are either appointed to the committee by executive members of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund Dinner Committee or they join based on personal interest and involvement with the ICSF.

The committee was formed in 2013 when John Fish of Suffolk Construction chaired the dinner committee and recognized the importance of building awareness for the ICSF among emerging leaders in Boston. Since its inception, the committee has more than doubled in size and continues to be the most notable avenue for introducing young professionals to the work of the ICSF. After the dinner, these young professionals stay involved throughout the year by attending other events, organizing volunteer projects and raising money and awareness for the ICSF by leveraging their personal networks.

In 2019, the Young Leader Dinner Committee raised $100,000 for student scholarships!

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